I have worked on a number of museum projects, including the El Moro Visitor Center, the North Fulton Teaching Museum, the Army in Atlanta Museum and the National Museum of Patriotism. I have also designed graphics and fixtures for many interactive visitor centers, shown elsewhere on this site.

El Moro Visitor Center

Working with a West Coast fixture manufacturer, I was asked to develop graphic concepts for the displays.

Final Displays displays

The National Museum of Patriotism

Before opening, The National Museum of Patriotism needed promotional banners for fund raising events but had a low budget and limited
art resources.

With a trip to the National Archives in Washington DC, historical photography was located and copies were purchased for use in a series of nine banners, six of which are shown here.

The museum was able to raise funds and is now operating in downtown Atlanta with the nine banners on display.

Army in Atlanta Museum

Located at Fort McPherson, the Army in Atlanta Museum told the stories of McPherson and Fort Gillem throughout their histories.


Army in Atlanta
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