Although not my main area of focus in the last few years, my work history includes the design/direction of software and app interfaces, animations, video editing, sound mixing, kiosks and websites.

Interconnected Retail

As with most brick-and-mortor retailers, The Home Depot was struggling with how to compete with Amazon and other online only retailers. We were challenged to come up with concepts to drive the customer to the Home Depot website while they were shopping in the store.

The existing Home Depot app included a QR and barcode scanner, but these normally just lead to a product page or online category. After research and a lot of thought, I concluded that the customer needed to know why they should bother scanning and proposed signage that informed what could be obtained by scanning, with useful content added to the mobile website such as project checklists, installation videos and buying guides.

QR Code concepts

The existing app already had the capability of providing the aisle number where a sku was located. I proposed a list of items and tools for a project that a customer would use to locate everything needed. They could also touch "shop online", which would trigger a keyword search of the website.

Eventually, this would replace the existing "one-trip checklist" and "don't forget" tearpads located in the stores.

QR code concepts
To be successful, the capabilities of the app would need to be promoted, through commericals, store signage, in-store promotions, and by well-trained associates. QR Code concepts

Transport Solutions of America

TSOA was in need of a complete brand makeover as their existing logo and branding appeared very outdated.

My role on this project was Account Manager, Project Manager and Creative Director. The scope of work included logo, colorway, iconography, business cards, letterhead, and a complete redesign of the website.


  TSOA website services
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