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Along with developing POP for The Home Depot, I also developed packaging, often coordinating icons, colors, etc with the signage to create an easier shopping experience.

Architectural Mailboxes

The Architectural Mailbox packaging was redesigned for a more upscale look and to better convey features. More inviting colors were established for improved presence on the shelf and a cut-out was incorporated to reinforce the “locking” message and allow the customer to see the quality of the finish.

Mailbox Packaging

Bootzcast Bathtub

Positioning the product as an alternative to cast iron tubs, a chart was added with point by point comparisons. A 2-color print was utilized for a higher end look and the faces of the packaging were designed to accommodate the various planograms and stock orientations.

Bootz Bathtub Packaging

Bootz Old Packaging

Pipe Cement

The packaging for Oatey pipe adhesives was redesigned to assist the customer in locating the product they need. Undefined “steps” were replaced by the task served, text running vertically was reformatted, and known industry colors were made more prominent.

Oatey Labels

BeforeOatey Old Packaging

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