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I worked with The Home Depot Visual Merchandising Department for eleven years, eight with an agency and three as a Retail Communications Manager for the company.

Martha Stewart Living - Bath Collection

Recognized by The Home Depot as best in class for visual merchandising and featured in the Innovation Center Visual Merchandising Museum, this bay featured bath vanities and mirrors, while also cross merchandising bath accessories, faucets and lighting. Adhering to both THD and MSL brand guidelines, I also developed a cost effective way to incorporate a rigid flip book for cross merchandise pricing and additional items available through dotcom.

Martha Stewart Living Bath Collection

Faucet Run

Based on learnings from consumer insights, the brand was displayed more prominently and coordinated with the packaging to ease location of the product. Icons were standardized for easier comprehension and time/cost savings in art production. Labels were changed from white to black to allow the product to stand out and channel signs were reduced from twelve to two, lowering costs, clutter and maintenance and presenting the customer with an easier to shop set.

Faucet Run

Old Faucet Run

Toilet Run

The toilet run was a clutter of signs that obscured the products. Information was spread across five different formats. Based on feedback from consumer insights, I developed the hierarchy of information necessary to make a buying decision. Greatly cutting down the amount of POP lowered costs and maintenance, both at roll-out and as additional skus are added, and allows the product to be more visible and attractive to the customer with information easy to locate.

Toilet Run

BeforeOld Toilet Run

Ventilation Fans

Another set with an overabundance of signs, many located too high to be read. Working with focus groups, the VMM and I developed a new fixture and established the information important to the consumer. Iconography was developed to easily communicate product features with a second set of icons to gauge performance and sound levels. I then worked with both manufacturers to coordinate their packaging to the POP.

Vent Fans

BeforeVent Fans before

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