logoSudden Comfort Folding Chairs and Tables Displays

Meco requested concepts for a 4 foot gondola endcap fixture to display a selection of folding chairs and tables to be used in Target and similar big box retailers and a free-standing fixture that could be dropped into pallet racking to display a selection of folding tables.

We began this project with a brainstorm session asking:

What are some ways to hold the chairs to a horizontal surface?

What are some ways to hold the chairs to a
vertical surface?

How can a person "experience" a chair in the store?

What are some problems with the current 4' gondola display?

What are some problems/challenges with doing a display in 20' of racking?

How can we create a presense for the product in the store?

After the session, the designers then created quick concepts, which we then reviewed. We picked several ideas to carry forward.


A graphic designer developed POP concepts to correlate with each of the concepts. A presentation for the client was but together showing the fixture and graphic concepts.

table rack
Based on the clients feedback, the concepts were refined and one was selected to prototype. product rack
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