Kid Athlete Trade Show Exhibit

Kid Athlete, a manufacturer of children’s clothes, requested a “fun” exhibit for their debut at the Super Show, with the ability to display a large quantity of their pro and college licensed apparel in a 10' x 20' space and the flexibility to grow with the company.


With a theme featuring giant Tinkertoys to form clothes racks and alphabet block tables and column bases/capitals, a functional and playful exhibit was developed giving Kid Athlete a stand-out presence at the premier sporting goods trade show to launch their product line. The design expanded for 10' x 40' booths and 20' x 20' island displays.

Here is the rendering of the 40' x 10' configuration. This is from 1995 and was created in Adobe Dimensions, a 3D vector program. Not much by today's standards but at the time... really old rendering
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