logo The Endless Aisle

The Home Depot was uncomfortable with the term “Special Order” and its connotations to customers. Info Retail was asked to explore “More” as a theme to be used to blur the boundary between in-stock products and on-line merchandise.


We began this project with research and analyses of the current special order program in both The Home Depot and other retail stores. Existing SO

We then held a brainstorm session to explore the “More” theme and how it could be utilized tomorrow, next year and five to ten years into the future.


We explored branding and simple graphic POP that could be quickly implemented.

More Logos
Longer term ideas were explored including consolidated special order fixtures for each aisle... Endless in aisle
...departmental special order showrooms, one special order center for the entire store... More Center
...and regional dedicated special order showroom stores (this was prior to the term "showrooming" being used to describe the practice of looking at products in a retail store and then ordering online). More Store
We explored “internet cafe” showrooms and ordering, personal interactive devices, and large touchscreens. Future
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