Columbia Forest Products Retail Fixtures

Columbia Forest Products needed a way to make their hardwood plywood stand out as high-end products in the lumber department.

Using the vendor’s pre-finished maple plywood for construction, I designed two fixtures, an endcap display and an in-line fixture, that would high-light the product within the largely commodity lumber aisles and educate the customer as to the use of the products. The In-line display needed to accommodate two skus of 4' x 8' sheets of plywood,six skus of 4' x 4' handy panels and two sizes of prefinished drawer sides. Inline Fixture
The endcap fixture posed an additional challenge: the racking was only 45" deep while the sheets of plywood were 96" x 48". The fixture was designed so that the plywood sheets were set in at an angle to accommodate the full panel within the display. This also allowed a large area of the dividers to show. These were made of the corresponding plywood and thus served as a display sample Endcap Fixture

To save on shipping costs, the fixture was designed as three assembled fixures and two partially assembled fixtures. This drawing shows how the five sub-assemblies are combined within the bay to form the fixture.

build drawing
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