logo Store Design

Associated Volume Buyers, an appliance, electronics and bedding buying group, needed to build brand recognition of BrandSource and assist their independently owned locations, many of them small town “mom and pop” type stores, in utilizing the brand.

Working with a small team, we designed a flexible and affordable sign package with informational signage, logo panels and lifestyle graphics. Sign Package
  Vegas Store

Working with a consulting store planner, I developed a program bringing member stores access to store planning and exterior renovation design services to update their stores or for new construction.

signs in store



BrandSource Floorplan
  Atlantic Interior
To develop exterior architectural recommendations, I started with photos and some basic dimensions of the existing stores. Dennings Elevation
Original StoresDennings Original Stores Dennings Exterior
BrandSource is now the 4th most recognized retail appliance brand behind Sears, Lowes and Home Depot. BRandSource Exterior
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