logo Assess and Recommend

What was the current customer shopping experience?
What worked for the customers and what didn’t?
What if we had the opportunity to rethink the whole store?
How could we improve the shopping experience?

We began this project with an extensive research phase, including an on-line survey, social media analysis and video interviews. research

After analyzing the research, we identified three problem areas and held a brainstorm session to arrive at general themes to address the problems.


A matrix was formed to explore each of these themes across the major sections of the store (parking lot, apron, raceway, etc.) and a multi-day charrette was held to brainstorm solutions for the sections across the three themes.

After reviewing the results of the brainstorm, we selected the best two or three ideas in each area and team members sketched out the concepts. renderings
A presentation was assembled using the research, video interviews, brainstorm ideas, concept sketches and additional content. store
We then presented to the Director of Visual Merchandising at The Home Depot and the Senior Director - In Store Environment. directory
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